God swore to make me rich because I gave him a car many years ago – Bishop Oyedepo

Founder and senior pastor of the Living Faith Church aka Winners chapel, David Oyedepo, has said that God swore to make him rich because he gave him a car for the gospel many years ago.
Oyedepo has been profiled by forbes as one of the Wealthiest clergymen in the world.
Preaching in his church recently, the clergyman said his church now buys buses like loaves of bread because the car he gave to God many years ago.

I now cart my tithe to God in trailer loads – Bishop Oyedepo

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo says he now carts his tithe to God in trailer loads. The Nigerian clergyman who has been declared one of the richest pastors in the world, said this recently while preaching in his church recently.
According to him, since 1982 when he started tithing till date, he has never failed in paying his tithe and has continued to prosper on all sides.
”You don’t have to steal to shine, you don’t have to rob to prosper. If it is pastoring/founding a church that makes people prosper, there are many pastors/church founders who are paupers.
“You can’t go up except by tithing. From 1982 till date, my tithe hasn’t failed once; now I cart it to God in trailer loads,” he said

‘Jesus is not coming, chill and have fun’– Bishop Daniel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim is dancing to the rhythm of controversy once again and it’s more serious than what he has done in the past, from my own point of view.
Believe it or not, the popular Ghanaian pastor has advised Christians to quit waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ in a new viral video and honestly I ‘cannot think far.’

TB Joshua, Benny Hinn, Pastor Chris, Alph Lukau & Prophet Bushiri are my spiritual small boys – Bishop Obinim brags

Bishop Obinim has disclosed that in the spiritual realm of affairs, he is the senior-most senior and far ahead of B Joshua, Benny Hinn, Pastor Chris, Alph Lukau & Prophet Bushiri.
In an interview on his television station, Soul TV, the self acclaimed Angel of God bragged of having supernatural powers that can aid him do things that cannot be undone by any Man of God.
Angel Bishop Obinim also stressed that when he has issues with someone, the person isn’t safe until he forgives the said person.

Homosexuality: There’s nothing like that in nature, even animals don’t recognize it – Dag Heward

Founder and Presiding Bishop of the United Denomination of Light House Group of Churches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has expressed grave concern at the continual association and declaration of some Ghanaian youth to same sex marriage and homosexuality.
Speaking to a room filled with congregants during a sermon, the affable but candid leader described the act as unnatural, condemning it.
He recalled a trip to Kenya where he was taken on a tour to a wildlife reserve. He observed that a male antelope was followed by about seventy-four (74) females. He implied that in the animal kingdom no species has only one partner and stressed that it was absurd for humans to be drawn to the same sex.

“I Was the Angel Who Rolled Out The Stone From The Tomb When Jesus Resurrected” – Angel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim has said to his congregation that he was around when Jesus resurrected.
“You have a powerful man of God and some Ghanaians are taking me for granted. Sometimes, it even marvels me.
You see, the reason why we are all able to celebrate Easter is because Jesus died and rose again.
In all these I was there. In fact, I was the Angel who rolled out the stone for Jesus to come out
of the tomb. Yes, I am powerful ” he said in his Easter Sunday sermon.

AUDIO: Jesus Christ was a Ghanaian, an Akyem – Anthropologist

A Researcher and an Author of the book the “Revelation, Movement of Akan People from Canaan to Ghana”, Martin Kwasi Abrokwah also known as Akanba has revealed that Jesus Christ was full blooded Ghanaian.
According to him, his years of study shows that the Messiah was actually an Akyem by tribe, from the East Akyem District of Eastern Region of Ghana
“Jesus Christ was originally an Akan, to be specific an Akyem. He was from Asiakwa, Asiakwa is Bethlehem, Kyebi (Kibi) is Beersheba, Kumasi is the same as Samaria.

‘I Boast Of Nothing; All I Have Is God’s’ – Agyin Asare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is 57 years old today, Friday, 22 March 2019.The founder of Perez Chapel International, spent his 57th birthday far away from home while on a crusade mission in Bangladesh, Asia.
“On my birthday”, Bishop Agyinasare wrote on Facebok, “I usually prefer to be at home, in my country, where I get to receive love from friends, family, and loved ones. But here I am, on mission for the Lord. This time, very far from home…several thousands of miles from Ghana. But on the day, God commissioned me and said, ‘My boy Charles, I send you out…reach the world for Me’, my response was that: ‘I would go anywhere, by any means, and at any time He needed me to go’. Yes, even if it was my birthday! So, today, I spent my birthday neither at home nor at church, but rather in Dhaka, the City of Mosques.