7 Times Serwaa Amihere Got Ghanaians Talking With Her African Print

Serwaa has  really won the heart of many Ghanaians with her skills. Aside being good at her job, Serwaa is really beautiful.
Serwaa has a good sense of fashion but many rarely see her in her African print.
Well, here are  seven photos of Serwaa displaying her beauty in her African prints.

From Pounding Fufu To John Dumelo’s Wedding, Jackie Appiah Is Serving Jacket’s Like Never Before

We brought you various style episodes of Jackie Appiah, although we have just recently discovered her new love for jackets, blazers and suits and she is giving it to us in the best way ever.
The Ghanaian movie actress has always been ahead of her style game with the help of Bvey styling, and previously showed us that when it comes to rocking tees shes far ahead of the game. However she’s found a new love that’s making her our new love all over again.
Jackie Appiah’s first jacket look that broke the net was when the beauty rocked a half yellow and print jackets, but she didn’t stop there, she is still pushing the image and we love it. See her do her thing below.

Hajia4Reall’s Is Nothing But Haute Style Sauce, See Her Best African Print Moments

Socialite and popular personality Hajia has been staying out of the media headlines these days. No rubbing shoulders with celebrities nor red carpet moments.
Simply just her and her baby girl and her instagram fans. Every other occassion she will constantly tease us with fabulous style and fashion that it is almost impossible to imagine her disappearing from the style radar.
The beautiful mother of one has done Ghana a beautiful service by being one of the first celebrities to send our fashion viral on a large scale in many memorable images.
So today we take a step back just to admire how well to serves us haute style sauce whenever she touches African print designs. Enjoy the images below.

Fella Makafui Stuns In Amazing Detachable Bridal Gown By New Ghanaian Fashion Brand

Our beauty queen Fella Makafui is definitely giving us wedding dress goals as she rocked this new fabulous outfit by Wear It GH.
It seems her and her lover came out victorious from public scrutinity of various matters.
And are now heading towards being Ghana’s most adored celebrity couple with Medikal reaching higher levels in the music world.
Her flaunting this bridal dress can only be serving us wedding goals…..or possibly her own bridal goals. Never the less check it out and get intouch with @Wear_it_gh on the gram if you are in need of such a look. And although they haven’t dished out all the images yet, do take note at the bottom of the last picture where the fish tail of the dress is actually detached.

All The Different Hairdos Fella Makafui Has Rocked Since Dating Medikal & What It Says About Her

Ever since the controversy that followed the public announcement of Fella Makafui dating Medikal, there has been some changes we as a public have noticed about our sweet Fella Makafui, and that is she is not sweet any more. In fact she is more fierce, almost like she went from being a bunny rabbit to a rap star without the microphone.
Fella Makafui’s images and presence on social media nowadays is just a tad bit away from that of Nikki Minaj or Cardi B. A lot of style and a lot of attitude.
However, these changes were only visible after her controversial relationship with Medikal was made public. And with these changes also came along with a lot of variation in hairstyle which was different to her original monostyle short and at times permed to the side.
So what could these changes imply! For one they good imply something very good about the relationship, or sadly something very bad, and then there is the third which could be something that has totally nothing to do with the relationship
LOOK 1 –

Let’s start with the bad. As we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, all this is speculation, and Fella’s change of hair styles could imply a relationship that is on the rocks and a woman desperately doing everything to make sure it works, meaning complimenting her man tremendously, changing looks to find out what pleases him amongst many other things.
Ever since she took Medikal away from Deborah Vanessa she has been threatened by public and by Sister Derby herself that Medikal would do the same to her. As Derby said in her famous ‘Kakalika’ song, “what he do me he go do you”. One big fear of everywoman that takes a man away from another woman is that another woman will do the same.
At this stage one will go into full pleasure mode to ensure this doesn’t happen. Could Fella’s change of hair do be a result of her action in doing various things to find out what keeps Medikal attracted to her?

25 Beautiful Visual Reasons Why Ghanaians & Nigerians Need To Stop Having ‘WHITE’ Weddings

As we all know in Ghana, weddings are big money, in fact most creatives in the fashion industry survive through their wedding deals. From designers, to photographers to make up artists. And without wedding most of them wouldn’t be in work.
However in no attempt to cut their business short, Ghanaians need to start questioning themselves why they continue to pursue white weddings after holding traditional weddings. We, as well as Nigerians, hold traditional weddings, as some sort of sub ceremony ahead of our ‘White’ weddings. Not sure if the term ‘white’ in white weddings stems from the fact that the color white is worn more of if it stems from us claiming white people’s culture, but white wedding is where we Africans then hold another wedding ceremony where we get married in a tuxedo by the groom, a white wedding gown by the bride, a christian priest and the usual wedding ceremony as executed by our western counter parts.
So the question is what is the point of this. At the end of the day social media has proved the world embraces and loves our cultural weddings and attires more. Or atleast as far as the kente and African fashion is concerned. Why do we treat our culture, our fashion and our tradition as a subsidy to foreign cultures when celebrating our union. And then spend/or waste extra money to mimic the west. This absurd reality is unheard off, even in most parts of Africa this is hardly executed, nor will you see this in Arab or Asian worlds. The continuation of this so called ‘white’ wedding needs to be rectified.
Now don’t get us wrong, anyone that wishes to take on the wedding style they prefer is totally upto them, but in the wake that it is some sort of rule to execute it before you can be officially engaged with your lover is nothing but a cultural hokes and we need to really take a chill with the numerous weddings going on in Ghana simply because of this. If you want to prove your love to your lady, but her a dress from our online boutique.
Here are some beautiful images that could encourage you to see why your union should have ended at the traditional wedding.

Celebrities With The Best Fashion Sense In 2018

To most individuals fashion is all about wearing nice clothes and feeling very comfortable in the clothes. Fashion is however not just about wearing nice clothes but wearing clothes to make a statement.
Fashion is an understanding of the time and putting on what both expresses the time and makes one unique altogether.
This is how come some fashionable people are not even that popular or rich.
We compiled somewhat, rich individual women who always make statements on the red- carpet and are able to stand out among the plenty of women with their sense of fashion
1. Nana Akua Addo

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Nana Akua Addo always wows people with her fashion sense on the red carpet with that extra detail.

Nana Akua Addo’s Daughter Might Just Be Her Biggest Competitor

Image result for nana akua addo daughter
Whilst some blogs are trying to conclude if Awards willing Style Girl Nana Akua Addo has had a boob job, we are like ‘erm do you see a new style girl and slayer on her way up’. And yes that is Nana Akua Addo’s daughter.
She young and fly and naturally hitting all the right ticks in her pictures. And she might just be doing it better than her mother Nana Akua Addo, do you agree or nah?
See her images from Nana Akua Addo’s page.

Ten unique photos from Miss Malaika 18 finale you need to see

Miss Malaika 2018 came to a close last saturday with Miriam Owusu-Poku emerging the winner.
The event was characterized by colour and splendour.
We have photos from the event that will keep your tongue wagging.